Preamps:†Chandler Limited TG 2, Soundskulptor MP 573 and MP 5.99

Soundcard: RME Fireface 400

Monitors: Focal CMS 65, Avantone, Focal Spirit Profesional Headphones

Converters: Mytek Stereo96ADC, Mytek Stereo96DAC

Microphones: Neumann TLM 102, KMS 104, KMS 105, 2 Rode NTK, 3 Shure SM 57, 2 Shure SM58, Shure Beta 91, AKG C53EB, Sennheiser, 2 Ribbons, 2 Karma Bullet, Audio Technica 2020

Shruti Box Mutable Instruments

Macbook Pro 15', Windows PC, iPad (with more and more Synthapps)

Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle Pro USB 3.0

Matrox Triple Head 2 GO

Software: Cubase Pro 8 , Abbeyroad Plugins, EWQL Composer Collection and Hollywood Orchestra, Ghostwriter, Steven Slate (VCC, FG-X, VTM, VBC), Microtonic, Kush Audio Clariphonic and Pusher, U-He Zebra and Bazille, FabFilter Pro Q2, Eventide Ultraverb and Ultrachannel, Native Instruments Komplete Ultimate, Maag4 EQ, Isadora Troikatronix, NI Mate Delicode, Z-Vector, Bazik, Resolume Arena, Adobe CC, TouchOSC, Kenaxis, DaVinci Resolve, Sugarbytes Bundle, Soniccouture, SoundToys Effects Bundle, Amplitube Reverbs, NIK Collection, Arturia V4

Fender Stratocaster, Reeves Guitamp, BYOC (Analog Chorus, Analog Flanger, Large Beaver), Malekko Delay, Some (E-)Violins, Viola, AccGuitar, a lot of cables;-)

945468 10151632275754784 700396285 n

Focal Spirit


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